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Why We Worship PDF Print E-mail
Written by Lance Scott   

In my attempt to write my thoughts on worship, I have had a hard time saying all I would like to express. I think we have put worship into a very small box and defined it by what we do on Sunday mornings through song and we have forgotten that true worship is acted out in everything that we do. Every action, every word, and every thought is an expression of worship to someone, or something. That is why it is so important for us to grapple with Jesus’ words when he said we cannot serve two masters.

Take to the World PDF Print E-mail
Written by JR Cochran   

This week we will be talking about the "Great Commission."  Those are the churchy words that we have used to describe Jesus' command to make disciples through out the world.  Derek Webb has a song that I think really fits with this week...I wanted to share the lyrics with you:

good advice - proverbs series PDF Print E-mail
Written by JR Cochran   

I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday. He’s actually more of a mentor and he’s moving away in a couple of weeks. We’d been talking for a while and I could sense that the conversation was winding down. So I asked him if he had any advice for me. I wanted to know what thought would be important for me to know. I mean he’s leaving so I won’t get to have conversations with him a lot. So whatever he says, it needs to be good. He told me two things…

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